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Continuing technology innovation make our brand stay owning what others do not have and owning what better than others'


Plastic Test Tube Mould

50 Holes Tubes Rack for Scientific Experiments,Party,Decorate The House,Candy Storage

Our test tubes package includes 50 pcs Test Tubes with Caps and 1 pack 50-hole test tube rack.

Plastic test tubes size is 16 x 100mm.Capacity is 10ml.Test tube rack size is 9.9 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches/25.2 x 11.2 x 6.5 cm.

Have a good seal.

Shining Points of Injection Mold

-Professional ERP Managemet System

Adopting Professional ERP management system, which can monitor the progress and quality of each process in real time. 

-After Sale

Lifelong maintenance and technical support for the molds manufactured by our company.

-Punctual delivery

Over the years our company a reliable product quality and reasonable price, punctual delivery goods, win the majority of customers trust and praise!

-On demand customization

Our products can be customized according to customer requirements packaging equipment.

Our Manufacturing

Rough machining
Rough machining

It efficiently remove most of the allowance and make the benchmark product for subsequent processing.

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Avoid too large rough machining allowance, lengthen the production cycle of parts and ensure the machining accuracy of parts

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heat treatment
heat treatment

It can change the microstructure of the workpiece or the chemical composition of the workpiece surface, and improve the internal quality of the workpiece.

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Rough machining

Heat Treatment


Fine Machining
Fine Machining

To ensure the final quality of parts, we should control many technical parameters such as part deformation, internal stress, shape tolerance and dimensional accuracy.

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Die Assembly
Die Assembly

Assembly is the last process after all processing is completed, which is in a key position in the manufacturing.

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Inspect all parts of the mold, eliminate bad products, and better provide auxiliary decision-making for the maintenance and repair of the mold.

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Fine Machining

Die Assembly


Hierli is a world leader in high precision mold design and manufacturing in the automotive industry.We can according to your 3D or 2D drafts or your ideas  to design your products specifically. At the same time, you will also participate in the whole process of product design. If you have any dissatisfaction with the product design, please feel free to tell us and we will revise it. You can put your heart down, we will complete all product processing processes without fail.

One stop solution to the problems of raw materials, drawing design, customized processing, logistics and transportation, and try our best to meet the needs of customers.

Our Product

We can offer many available injection molding material, also can customized. All sheet metal parts are built on-demand and with lower setup costs compared to CNC Machining. Depending on your needs, order as little as a single prototype up to 10,000 production parts.

If you want to know more about our products, maybe you can see these details.


Material & Application

Plastic Wire Coils

Plastic test tube mould Material

Tubes clear is made of high quality plastic,sturdy.It is not only ideal for scientific experiments and storing beads,spices,liquids,seeds and more,but also can be used for mixing drinks to decorate Halloween,Christmas and scientific theme parties perfectly.
Plastic test tube mould usually Material: ABS, PP, PVC, PC...



It has high chemical resistance and thermal stability.

It is  tough, hard and rigid material with good comprehensive properties, low price and wide applications.

 It is a colorless and translucent thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic.

It is high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric.


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Plastic test tube mould Details

The rack has 3 layers and 2 slots, each layer has a direction, slide into the shelf from one side, and there is a side wall on the other side. The rack has three layers of holes, the bottom has a smallest hole to keep the pipe stable, and there are large holes on the top and second floors.


In terms of processing of medical device molds in China, there is actually a certain gap between them and developed countries. Moreover, while processing medical device molds in China, they are relatively at a backward stage. In the development process of medical device molds, there is still a lot of room for development. However, with the continuous introduction of advanced technology from abroad, basically the existing medical device molds will have many different development directions in the development process.

Development prospect
heat-resistant-plastic mold.jpg
heat-resistant-plastic mold.jpg

Handle injcetion mold


You may also use these disposable scalpels for your premed student supplies, dissections at school/ university, taxidermy, clay modeling or any arts ‘n’ crafts project that requires a sharp

ABS box mould.png

Surgical Instruments Box

Durable standards

We make use of quality tested raw material and advanced machine for the production of these boxes. Further, we ensure that these are made in compliance with industry norms and standards.


Plastic test tube mould

Resistance to corrosion

Tubes clear is made of high quality plastic,sturdy.It is not only ideal for scientific experiments and storing beads,spices,liquids,seeds and more,but also can be used for mixing drinks to decorate Halloween,Christmas and scientific theme parties perfectly.

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