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Your Best Partner Injection Mold Manufacturer

Hierli Mold Company

 The molds and products we make mainly cover plastic components of home appliances, automobiles, medical professional tools and other plastic parts.


nearly a decade continuously developing of experience in the Plastic Injection Mold.


Lifelong maintenance and technical support for the molds


Our products have passed a series of strict technical tests

Hierli Profile

               ierli is located in Jiangsu,China,established in 2013,specialized in Plastic Injection Mold for all the customers around the world.

               It covers an area of 1000 to 3000 square meters,with more than 100 staff ,including 12 QA/QC inspectors.And all the Mold are ISO9001 Certified.By maintain good quality, best lead time, and good service.

             Hierli mold has established long-term business cooperation with customers from Domestic ,North America,South America ,Eastern Europe and other areas.



Founded in 2013, the company currently has a wholly-owned mold company, joint venture injection molding plant and processing plant, with a total of more than 100 employees.

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Taking last year as the standard, Our factory's production line can make 50 sets of molds per month, and 370 sets of molds per year.

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Our company is committed to making high-quality products. As the saying goes,the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Only our products have excellent quality, so why not have customers. Our Company promise that as long as you choose us,we will never let you down.

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Our Advantages

Rough machining

High Output per year

We have 6 EDM Machines and 4 production lines.Henglilai manufactures more than 350 sets molds and 6.4 millions US Dollars of Plastic Product every year


One-Stop Solution

From parts & molds design to Mold manufacturer, product manufacturing, and product secondary processing.

A decade of Mold Manufacturing Experience

High-Performance CNC Processing Equipment

The company is equipped with GF Agie Charmilles and FANUC, constant temperature and humidity quality testing laboratory, high-precision THREE-DIMENSIONAL coordinate, altimeter, projector and 3D equipment, and adopts professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system.

Focus on Plastic Injection Mold nearly a decade of experience.

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