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Let Hierli be Your Permanent Partner

Professional Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer
Professional Design & Reaserch Team
High Output per year
High-Performance CNC Processing Equipment
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Plastic Injection Mold Equipment

  • High-precision three Coordinates, Altimeter,Projector

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Quality Testing Laboratory

  • EDM Processing

  • CAE/ Preliminary Product Analysis 

  • CNC Machine

  • UG Design

  • CAM  

Hierli Service Highlights

    Hierli has a stable and experienced technical staff team and various advanced mold R & D, processing and testing equipment; The company has the ability of CAE analysis and can effectively control the risk of mold development and manufacturing; The company has also increased investment in software management and established a centralized and integrated data management system for design drawings and enterprise operation documents.

    Strive to achieve customer requirements with more scientific management and better service! Ensure that Hierli products are always in the leading position among similar products!

Team High Five
1. On-demand Customized Service
Our company customizes special injection molds for users. According to the needs of users, our design and development personnel will design as needed and reserve expansion interfaces. On demand customized services will help you and your enterprise to better move towards success. At the same time, based on the personalized development service of products and deep understanding of the field of injection mold, we provide professional personalized development services to meet the business needs of customers in an all-round way.
 2.  Perfect Quality Assurance Service
Our company is equipped with GF Agie Charmilles and FANUC,And owns a constant temperature and humidity quality testing laboratory,with high-precision three coordinates, altimeter,projector as well as 3 dimensional equipment.Meanwhile, Professional Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) management system is also adopted.

Pre-sales service-the first area of  Hierli

We promise that after you send the inquiry, the Hierli sales team is ready to provide you with a 24-hour quotation, solve professional problems and provide professional analysis for you. Hierli, as a senior mold manufacturer, we can provide you with detailed information, mold quotation data, investment returns and suggestions, plastic model analysis, suitable material recommendations, and your machine model selection. Make sure to send these to you by email . We can also provide the theme of reception, receive your theme at any time, and try our best to provide various convenient conditions for your event.

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