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Plastic Injection Molding Service

Hierli offers plastic injection molding service as an experienced supplier in China: custom injection molding design and manufacturing, even making plastic injection molds for free based on your injection moldings' quantity.
To make it short, it is a turnkey manufacturing - Plastic Injection Molding - make your idea to be a business. So if you want a lower investment for selling your plastic products, we are here for you. And there are three aspects you'd like to know:

•what information shall you tell us?
If you have new products need to be designed, kindly tell us your idea:
-what is the product
-the function of the product
-the annually quantity
-any requirement for the product
-send your CAD file (if have)

•what will you get?
(What our turnkey plastic injection molding service could offer)
From the ID design to prototype, assembling testing, plastic mould design, mould making and plastic parts injection molding.


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auto components.jpg

Precision Plastic Auto Injection Mold


Automotive Mold Manufacturers usually use the injection molding production process ,which can inject molten plastic materials into a mold cavity, then become cools and hardens, and the manufacturers extract the finished part. 

home appliamce.jfif

Household Plastic Mold


With the improvement of people's living standards, various home appliances can be seen everywhere. Such as TV, air conditioner, washing machine, computer, etc. With the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, more and more smart home appliances appear. Modern people are in the trend of replacing smart home appliances.


Plastic Injection Medical Mold


Since our Inception, we have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting a superior range of hospital equipments. Our range of products like Operation Theatre Equipments, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Hollowares, Pathology Instruments etc.

optical molding.jpg

Plastic Optical Elements

Durable standards

With the rapidly improvement of people's living standards, the increase in Internet usage has rapidly promoted the use of mobile phones and TVs. Therefore, more and more people suffer from vision-related or far sight problems, which have little effects on  the development of the plastic optical lens market. 

electric tool mold.jpg

Plastic Electric Tool Parts


With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent level of electric tools has been greatly improved. The emergence of intelligent interactive system makes electric tools more intelligent, makes them gradually enter the family, and promotes the continuous development of our life.

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