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The Benefits For Medical Injection Moulding


The characteristics of injection molding make it a more cost-effective manufacturing process, especially in mass production. When there is a large need for medical parts, plastic injection molding is always the first choice and the most cost-effective option.

Lab Experiment

Excellent precision

For medical device manufacturing, close tolerance production is very important, millimeters or even micrometers can affect the performance of medical components. Skilled plastic injection molding equipment can produce a large number of components and equipment, with extremely high accuracy and negligible differences from one piece to another.


Many injection molded plastics have superior strength and there are very durable. Generally, they can withstand harsh environments without cracking, breaking, or crushing, such as vibrations and blunt forces. Besides, many injection molded plastics are also heat resistant and can be sterilized repeatedly by means such as autoclaves.


Plastic materials used for medical injection molding are designed to fouling resistant and easy to clean and sterilize. Besides, the process of injection molding itself can easily meet the FDA requireme.

Medical Record Analysis
ABS surgical box mould.png

 Plastic Mold For Surgical Instrument Box

injection medical parts.jpg

Custom Plastic Medical Equipment

plastic clear mold.jpg

Plastic Insert Molding For Medical Parts


Medical Device Injection Molding Products

custom plastic mould.jpg

Custom Health Medical Equipment

Heat-resistant mold.jpg

Heat-Resistant Plastic Mold For Medical

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