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Benefits of Home Appliance Mould Technology

Articles manufactured by plastic injection moulding technology are usually flawless. The molds manufactured by Hierli using this technology will not miss any tiny features, so the products have unique quality and precision. And 3D technology is used in the manufacture of plastic molds, used in the design of products such as surgical equipment.


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Excellent precision

The emergence of 3D technology provides a new development trend for plastic mold manufacturing home appliances. The use of injection molding technology to make plastic molds can bring higher precision to home appliance manufacturing. Injection molding technology has brought higher quality and accuracy to the preparation of molds for household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. When manufacturing home appliance molds, injection molding technology never misses the smallest size, which is an essential quality in terms of quality.


The injection technology plays a key role in manufacturing the home appliances and consumer electronics regardless of the complexity. This technology can manufacture tiny machines like springs, hinges, nails, and sensitive articles like tooth brushes, lipsticks, and surgical instruments without missing out accuracy, even a millimeter.


In terms of plastic mold technology, some engineers use CAD technology to make plastic appliance molds. Hierli came to hire an in-house design team to design precise molds to easily handle large orders. Regardless of whether the order or equipment is small or large, in the case of injection technology used to make plastic molds, the design and quality will be the most accurate.

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Home Appliance Mold For Blender

air condition mold1.webp

Home Appliance Mold For Air Conditioner


Home Appliance Mold For Fan Blade

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Home Appliance Mold For Washing Machine

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