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Continuing technology innovation make our brand stay owning what others do not have and owning what better than others'


Plastic Mold for Optical

With high precision and surface finish, it has comfortable feelhave and good repeatability.

The product has high production efficiency and is easy to realize professional and automatic production.

The automobile mould with complex structure can be directly formed at one time.

Each line and corner of the product surface are clear and beautiful, and the surface radian is natural and perfect.


Shining Points of Optical Mold

-After Sale

Lifelong maintenance and technical support for the molds manufactured by our company. LEARN MORE...

-On demand customization

Our products can be customized according to customer requirements packaging equipment. LEARN MORE...

-Professional ERP Managemet System

Adopting Professional ERP management system, which can monitor the progress and quality of each process in real time. LEARN MORE...

-Punctual delivery

Over the years our company a reliable product quality and reasonable price, punctual delivery goods, win the majority of customers trust and praise! LEARN MORE...

Our Manufacturing

Rough machining

Heat Treatment



Fine Machining

Die Assembly


Hierli is a world leader in high precision mold design and manufacturing in the automotive industry.We can according to your 3D or 2D drafts or your ideas  to design your products specifically. At the same time, you will also participate in the whole process of product design. If you have any dissatisfaction with the product design, please feel free to tell us and we will revise it. You can put your heart down, we will complete all product processing processes without fail.

One stop solution to the problems of raw materials, drawing design, customized processing, logistics and transportation, and try our best to meet the needs of customers.

Our Product

We can offer many available injection molding material, also can customized. All sheet metal parts are built on-demand and with lower setup costs compared to CNC Machining. Depending on your needs, order as little as a single prototype up to 10,000 production parts.

If you want to know more about our products, maybe you can see these details.

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Material & Application

Plastic Wire Coils

Optical mold Material

Manufacturers use a wide range of different polymers for various applications in the automotive industry.
When producing molds, we usually choose materials with strength, toughness, strong hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good processing.
Plastic Injection Mold usually Material: ABS, PP, PVC, PC...



It has high chemical resistance and thermal stability.

It is  tough, hard and rigid material with good comprehensive properties, low price and wide applications.

 It is a colorless and translucent thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic.

It is high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric.


Optical mold Application

Auto mould is the general name of mould for manufacturing all parts of automobile,They are usually used to assemble cars.
Auto mould has a wide range of applications.
It's products include auto panel mold, tire mold, interior and exterior plastic mold, lamp mold, auto bumper mold, auto instrument panel mold, etc.

According to experts, the start of automobile mould in China is almost synchronized with that of automobile. Since the project of Changchun No. 1 automobile manufacturing plant was launched in the 1950s, it has not stopped moving forward. After years of development, China's molds serving automobile have accounted for about one-third of the total mold output.With the growth of automobile sales, automobile consumption demand is more diversified and personalized. In order to maintain competitive advantage and meet customer consumption demand, automobile manufacturers continue to improve the speed of product upgrading and shorten the development cycle of new models and the modification cycle of old models,The acceleration of automobile upgrading provides greater market space for the development of automobile mould industry.

Development prospect


Car Steering Wheel

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